Pagan Friendship Bread

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Congratulations, you've just received a sourdough starter. Many of you have probably heard of Amish Friendship Bread and this is very similar. It is a live culture and the micro organisms will feed upon the nutrients in the starter and enhance the flavor of your breads. Yeast is not only tasty, but good for you too. A well maintained starter will provide plenty of starter for your recipes and allow you to share with your friends.

Pagan Friendship Bread comes to you from real pagans. We began by sharing a sourdough starter at a Mabon circle. Mabon is the sabbat where pagans honor the Green Man, give thanks to the waning sunlight which has grown the summer crops, and celebrate the aging of the Goddess as she passes from Mother to Crone.

Mabon is a harvest festival, and one of the traditional foods is bread. In a ritual circle, when the rituals are completed, it is said that the circle is open, but unbroken. By sharing our bread starter, the magic of our Mabon circle becomes open to all, and continues unbroken for as long as the starter is shared, used, and kept healthy and cherished.

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